Friday, December 14, 2012


Last year I wrote a blog about an incredible edition of the Keiser Report. I had sent the link to this report to a respected, Swiss, financial adviser, and he responded that, despite the mind-boggling enormity of its claims, it was "probably correct".

Here's the link to that blog entry, which itself contains the link to that Report. You will notice the barely-contained hysteria of the two reporters, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert. They cannot help but laugh at what they are revealing, it is so appalling. 

I have on more than one occasion been shocked and morally outraged at learning that this or that mayor or governor or general here in the Philippines is actively engaged in the trafficking of illegal drugs. "What blatant corruption!" "What a disgusting abuse of power!" "It's almost beyond belief!" "Not in the West!" I say, with conviction and more than a tinge of superiority.

Why do we persist, with moral indignation, in accepting the truth of evil-doing in other cultures, but dismiss it (as perhaps you will now) when the evil-doer is one of us? Here is some further mind-boggling commentary on what western governments claim to be spending billions to eradicate.