Sunday, June 6, 2010


At last. A blog!

What are things coming to?

It has taken quite a bit of coaxing to get me here, and having arrived, how often will I actually post? Time will tell... and readers. I am promised two.

I want to start on a humorous note, with a piece I wrote the other day, concerning an event that occurred a couple of weeks back. This I shall post in a blog immediately following this one. In general, however, I shall probably want to devote myself to the more serious issues which have recently preoccupied me, though I shall try to treat them in as engaging a way as I can.

So, let's get started...



  1. Congratulations, Pablo. Being one of your long-time harassers, I am pleased to post the first comment. It is a question: did you really write this on June 6? Don't hesitate to knock if I can help with the Blogger techie stuff.

  2. The original of this was in fact written on June 6, yes. The light-hearted post that was to immediately follow - didn't! During the ensuing hiatus another incident occurred, somewhat related to the first referred to. It ws the second incident that I actually posted, as 'I-Pad'. The first, overly long, may be added shortly, if I can beat it into better shape. :-)

  3. Ah! So it was a looong, let's get started! :-D BTW, you can change the date of publication manually in Blogger. Go to edit posts, open your post, then below your composing window, click on Posting Options... now you see the date/time on the right.