Friday, September 10, 2010


I've been pondering for several days what to write to commemorate this infamous day - the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Should I yet again post the damning film clip of the demolition of Building 7, alongside a known controlled demolition, for comparison? Or publish the passenger lists, on which none of the hijackers' names, or even aliases, appears? Or link to the peer-reviewed paper proving the presence of nano-thermite in the WTC wreckage? - or to the first responders' witnessing of multiple detonations in all three demolished buildings before they fell? - or the multiple testimony of witnesses to the molten metal pooled in the foundations weeks after? Or should I question for the umpteenth time the likelihood that a single, slightly singed passport "found" a block from the North Tower wreckage belonged, miraculously, to one of the hijackers? Or show footage of the 16-foot entry hole in the Pentagon made by the 120-foot wingspan jetliner that purportedly hit it, along with the pristine lawn in front? Or the small, wreckage-free hole in the ground in Pennsylvania where flight 93 supposedly plowed into the ground? Or the statement of Hanjour's flight instructor, that he couldn't fly a plane at all? Or the seven "dancing Israelis" high-fiving across the Hudson as the Twin Towers collapsed? Or the drinking and whoring spree ostentatiously conducted by the devout Mohammed Atta the night before his self-immolation? Or the incredible trail of evidence he and his accomplices thoughtfully left, including passports (on an internal flight with no return) and Qurans? Or the incorrectly date-stamped videos of the attackers, purportedly proceeding to their destination airports? Or the FAA log which shows both American Airlines flights (11 and 77) were not scheduled to fly that day? Or the FBI evidence that the phone call that Laura Olsen supposedly made to her husband never got through? Or the evidence that while voice morphing technology existed in 2001 to mimic any voice whose signature has been obtained (c.f. Colin Powell), the technology to make cell phone calls above an altitude of 7000ft did not?

Been there. Done that. You can lead a horse to water, but...

And then I came across this.

Odd things, coincidences. Do they signify anything? Their occurrence always seems pregnant with meaning, but synchronicity has no place in our rational world view, so we quickly suppress it. "What a coincidence!", we cry, when we connect two apparently unrelated events, meaning by this exclamation that the two events are in reality unrelated; they just appear to be related in our mistaken imagination. It was "just a coincidence".

Buddhists don't believe in coincidence. I take that to mean that to the Buddhist coincidence is not "just coincidental". It's the mind that makes the connections which give meaning to the world, not the other way around. Any meaning you find in the world is put there by you. In the world itself devoid of you there is no meaning at all. There are connections because you see them, and that's all the connection and meaning there's ever going to be.

Take the numbers '911', for instance. Meaningless in themselves, but to Americans especially they signify an emergency alert. Why did the 911 attacks occur on 9/11, and not on some other less alarm-ringing day? Just a coincidence? What if - purely hypothetically, of course - the attacks of 9/11/2001 were planned deliberately as a wake-up call to America to counter a supposed - or even a concocted - Islamic threat? What if elements within the United States government were, say, bent on the fulfillment of imperialistic ambitions which required the blessing of the American people? Would they not then seek, by every means available, to impress on the American subconscious the importance of this message? Would they not, for example, choose a day in the calendar that would fuse the event into the American subconscious?

What other clues might such hypothetical planners leave, both to stir the unconscious, and also as a kind of signature of their handiwork, confident that no-one would suspect the truth, far less prove it, because, after all, it's "just coincidence"?

They would need to set the stage for the attacks. What should our beloved President be doing on this pivotal morning? We don't want the hint of a suggestion that he's involved. Perhaps it would be prudent, then, for him not to be in the White House, where he might give the game away, or, God forbid, start interfering with orders essential to the smooth unfolding of the plan. No, the message to the public subconscious must be that he's somewhere as far removed from affairs of state as it is conceivable for him to be. Playing golf, perhaps? No, forget that, gives a bad impression - Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Visiting a mental institution, then? Fitting in one sense, but no again, lacks sufficient public appeal. But here's an idea - why not put him among very small children? And while we're at it, let's make it a schoolroom of African Americans - no point in wasting political capital.

So far so good. The entire visit will as a matter of course be carefully choreographed, as every presidential move must be. What sort of lesson would it be appropriate for the President to be witnessing as these dramatic events begin to unfold? What hints might we use this setting to drop into the public unconscious, in case some part of it gets aired?

An appropriate school, teacher and classroom are selected. The teacher shares with the presidential planners the outline of a word recognition lesson her children are familiar with and would be expecting. "That's excellent," say the planners. "Let's arrange all this for you around your own familiar lesson format so that everything runs smoothly and nothing untoward occurs on this important occasion for your school. Here are the words you will drill with the kids in today's lesson. And here's what the President himself will contribute to the proceedings."

We all know about "The Pet Goat", the story selected by the President's minders for him to read on what would become the most important day of his presidency. The choice of title is interesting, perhaps also significant. The goat is after all the Illuminati sign of the Devil. But a pet goat? Who chose it? Not the compliant president, we can be sure. Was he perhaps the pet goat? If so, whose pet was he?

Not much there to hang a coincidence on, you may say. Ok, but less well known, perhaps, is the part of the lesson which led up to the goat story. Maybe the planners got a little too carried away here, so this part of the lesson was not, as far as I know, aired. Here it is.

Now there's a coincidence, eh? All those words the planners could have chosen, and they chose those. Amazing! More than amazing. I mean, what are the chances? But no, surely not! It means nothing. Nothing at all. Just another one of those meaningless coincidences our minds are continually throwing up, in defiance of the real world out there. Like the miraculously undamaged passport that just happened to fall out of the exploding plane, out of the building, and onto the rubble below. What a coincidence! And the vertical free fall of all three buildings, just like controlled demolitions, except in these three cases they weren't. What a coincidence! And the complete omission of all 11 hijackers from all four passenger lists. Extraordinary happenstance! And the myriad little rust-colored flecks found in the wreckage which looked, behaved, and were chemically analyzed to be nano-thermite - but were just harmless fragments of gypsum board! My oh my, can you believe that?! And all those thumps and bangs which several dozen deluded people all mistook for explosions. And the coincidentally missile-sized hole in the Pentagon through which an entire 737 jetliner disappeared! And the fact that all the many dozens of CCTV cameras that infest the Pentagon surroundings apparently caught nothing of any significance. What an astounding, statistically staggering coincidence! And the seven Israelis who just happened to be celebrating a birthday or something that morning opposite the Twin Towers as they collapsed. And the electronic messenger service warnings not to go to work that day - mental telepathy, obviously, except we don't believe in that, so they were just coincidences...

These conspiracy theorists, I tell you! Wingnuts, the lot of them! Not connected to the real world at all. Now let's see, what's on the telly?



  1. Okay, I've read this, Paul, watched the video... but don't know how to advance this conversation. Maybe you're a wingnut; maybe not. I may not share your passion for this cause, but I do share your hope that the truth - whatever it is - comes to light.

    Here is the way another has coped with her private 9/11 tragedy:

  2. hmmm... keep on writing, wingnut! =)