Friday, September 23, 2011


The linked video is over two hours long. It concerns the foundational importance of physical evidence, and an egregious example of its criminal concealment by powerful vested interests.

I have been arguing throughout this blog that - contrary to conventional wisdom - we see what we believe. Almost everyone I know takes the opposite view, yet at the same time they continue to behave in exactly the manner I am suggesting. Thus there are some people to whom I simply cannot send the link to this video, even though it speaks to the very thing they claim to hold in the highest esteem. I cannot send it because, scientific though it is and they claim to be, its conclusions pose too great a threat to their belief system.They will simply and reflexively dismiss it - and me - out of hand.

Is it too much to ask that you attempt to watch it? Perhaps. A lot of it is essentially the same expert observations and resulting opinions repeated by many different specialists. Yet if - as most now claim - the physical world is the foundation of everything else, then surely the unprejudiced opinion of independent scientists (rather than that of paid government minions and their apologists) is what we should be asking for to solve a crime whose repercussions are with us still, ten years after its unpunished execution.

(If you already know this stuff and want to cut to the chase, then beginning at around the 1-hour 30-minute mark will give you the most 'explosive' findings and conclusions - and some interesting comments by psychologists who ironically turn the spotlight on those who question the mental health of anyone who challenges mainstream beliefs!)

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